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Milan closets

Milan is widely considered the capital of fashion, novelty and style.
I asked my fellow citizen to open their closets and show the content: this is the project “Milan Closets”, so simple.
This project proved to be not easy; however, uncovered many (and not only) rare and vintage items.
Also creative confusion, modern fetish, questionable matching and secrets emerged from the subjects’ wardrobes. I followed this path and discovered, more than fashion, people.
Which kind of clothes and colours? How do we keep them? Are we tidy or not? Do we have many items or few? Is the closet huge or tiny?
All these aspects lead to one truth: our closets hide (or show) something of who we are. A transversal cut of social class, tastes, ideals.

“Milan Closets” won the “Honorable Mention Prize” at IPA (International Photography Awards) 2012, in the category People-LifeStyle.

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