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J’ai plus de souvenirs que si J’avais mille ans

Secrets and intimacy.

“I have more memories than if I’d lived a thousand years” wrote Baudelaire.
We all have unmentionable, unspeakable thoughts that we ourselves fear. We all have worries and anxieties we want to hide from the others’ sight. Or that we wish they could be seen, to be rescued. These thoughts are so deep and intimate that are not visible to the outside world. They are transparent to the others. But we do have them. We carry them on our skin, every single day. I have tried to bring these fears to light. I have tried to highlight and collect them. With this work I want to make decipherable the invisible thoughts and worries we do have tattooed on our body, but that nobody usually sees. I have asked the portrayed people to think about and feel these fears, these uncertainties, these thoughts, so that I could catch them.
This is a selection of 20 portraits (the entire project is composed by 44 portraits)

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